Sparkle version 1 was a quick and easy way to twinkle, flicker or pulse lights.    
This version of Sparkle (using a chooser board to select from 3 patterns) has been discontinued.
Now you can program Sparkle right from your web browser!

Movie credits: MechaRoboshop

The size of a dime, it's just perfect for those special projects that require tiny, tasteful components.
Choose from three patterns: twinkle, flicker, or pulse.


Arrange the pieces as shown, keeping in mind that some lights are upside down.
This allows Sparkle to turn on each light at different times. You can connect up to 20 lights, in any combination of colors.
You can also connect Sparkle to sequins or other LEDs. Just remember to orient some up, and some down.

Select a pattern by sewing on the optional chooser board:

  • twinkle - if you don't have the chooser.
  • flicker - if you sew the chooser on the left side (like we did).
  • pulse - if you sew the chooser on the right side.
The orientation of the chooser board does not matter, but the direction of the light determines when it turns on.

The battery holder has a power switch on top, and holds a small (CR1216) battery underneath to simplify wiring. This battery can power Sparkle continuously for about 8 hours.


Glowing corsage

Glowing corsage
Yukari Tsuda
Valentine's day sparkling choker

Valentine's day sparkling choker
Dia Campbell

Sparkle* TuTu
Lynne Bruning
Sparkle* bouquet

Sparkle* bouquet

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