The mimeolight has got to be the easiest way to tastefully adorn your electronic craft projects with customizable blinking patterns. Aim a flashlight or wave your hands in front of it and it will record and repeat those patterns, up to 1 full minute. Just sew it to a 3 volt power source.

The trick is to flash a light source on the mimeolight 3 times within a second to get its attention. It lets you know it's ready by blinking 4 times rapidly. Then you can flash your pattern. When you are done, simply stay still and the mimeolight will stop recording, immediately playing back your patterns. That's all there is to it.

It has five sewable holes:

Picture of mimeolight indicating holes

  1. The one marked + (plus) is sewn to the + of your battery using conductive thread.
  2. The opposite hole is connected to the - (minus) end of the same battery.
  3. If you have programmed a pattern and don't want it to change, sew the hole marked H (hold) to the minus. You can later undo this thread when you want to change the pattern.
  4. You can control extra sequins with the two holes on the left:
    O (output) is on when the mimeolight is on,
  5. Õ does the opposite.

We strongly recommend a 3 volt battery for a nice, gentle glow because higher voltages could cause the LED to shine brighter than might be safe for your eyes. In addition, higher than 6 volts will damage your mimeolight, and lower than 2½ will produce erratic behavior.



Picture of DIY cellphone case with 2 mimeolights
Cell phone cozy
Picture of a leather band with 1 mimeolight
10-minute leather band
Picture of ambient temperature tapestry
ambient temperature tapestry

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