Looking for a simple and tiny way to add some color to your projects? Check out the new Colorwell.



It's a tiny, programmable RGB LED, so all you need is a battery, and we show how to use it in this color-changing feather fascinator.








First, cut the cardstock to match the shape and size of the feathers, allowing the feathers to overlap. Arrange the battery and Colorwell.



Then connect plus on the battery holder to plus on Colorwell.



Since this is paper, it helps to use transparent tape to hold down the knots.



Now connect minus on the battery holder to minus on Colorwell.
The electrical part is done. As simple as this.
Put in the battery, and Colorwell should light up and start doing its default program of changing slowly between two colors.

Arrange the feathers on top of Colorwell to get the best light diffusion. Sometimes it helps to put tape directly on top of the LED.



Use tape to wrap the base of the feathers to the base of the card stock. Make sure you can lift the feathers off to expose Colorwell later when you want to reprogram it. Add the black feather accents.



Use double-sided tape to attach the hair clip to the back of the cardstock. There's a great double-sided adhesive made by Thermoweb that works very well.

And that is all there is to it. Takes all of 10 minutes.


In order to get a new program into Colorwell, keep a finger on the touch strip until the tiny red light starts to flash.
It's a bit difficult to touch, but we're working on a better solution.



Choose the colors from the web interface and hold Colorwell in front of its picture on the screen. Press send, and wait for the screen to stop flashing.

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