Music reactive shirt

April 24, 2010
Tags: EL sheet, arduino, sound reactive

Students of Mike Eisenberg's eTextile class made a music reactive shirt for the CU engineering expo. With Arduino mega, SparkFun's El Escudo, and 9V batteries, the panels light up in response to music volume from the iPod.

The headphone output from the iPod is directly connected to analog inputs on the Arduino; apparently no amplification was needed. The Arduino chops the audio input into 7 ranges, and uses the EL Escudo to power the corresponding EL sheets.

I like the city scape they built on the shirt (the bottom section is a lake) Next version, they plan to use a microphone and band-pass filter to react to ambient music. Perfect for clubbing!

blinking heart-bag with wings

April 20, 2010
Tags: sequins, PIC microcontroller

Aniomagic friend bakatarechan made this cute handbag with heart and flashing wings using our sequins and a PIC microcontroller.

Sensual bracelet

April 05, 2010
Tags: bracelet, schemer, video

Check out this wonderfully sensual (though brief) bracelet video from a customer. They got their hands on schemer, and programmed it to twinkle the lights when he brushes her arm.

I really like the concept of having a twinkling background in this video.

Animated textiles by Meg Grant.

March 31, 2010
Tags: etextiles, animation, motors

Delightful textile experiments, by way of Meg Grant

She made folded patterns that open and close when you power the motor. Really simple, elegant, and tasteful. It shows an alternative to animating textiles that don't use nitinol wire (and are simpler to get going). There are more examples on the site, but this was my fave. (Via Syuzi)

Sessile handbag.

March 31, 2010
Tags: bags, soft electric, twinkle

Grace Kim, of Soft Electric created this delightful hand knitted sessile handbag. "The tiny LEDs alternately fade in and out, creating a gently pleasing light," in this exploration of merging natural forms with technology.

I really enjoyed the attention to detail in this bag, like the tiny "barnacles" applied to it. Très bien.

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