303 Magazine Holiday Window Display at Mona Lucero's

December 19, 2009
Tags: project, tutu, schemer, holidays

"I Denver" holiday windows at Mona Lucero's Design Boutique. The Tutus, designed by Lynne Bruning, are available for sale. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! At least one of them uses schemer and lightboards!

Stop by and admire, if you can:
2544 15th Street Denver
mon/tues 2 -6:30
wed - sat noon - 6:30
sun noon - 3

Check out more pictures of the tutus (and models) on Lynne's Flickr

Fashion | Lynne Bruning
Photographer | Randall Bellows III
Window Design | Lynne Bruning


Cute chix iPod remote

December 18, 2009
Tags: projects, remote control, conductive yarn, magic dock

Jennifer Breazeale sent us this picture of her unique remote control, made from felt. tweet tweet

LED Holiday TuTu

December 18, 2009
Tags: projects, schemer, lightboards

How to get the cuties to talk to you at this year's holiday party? With a "groovalicious eTextile blinky-blink party tutu" of course! Textile enchantress Lynne Bruning posted this instructable on this quick and easy etextile project. Incidentally it will be on display Friday 18 December from 7 -10 p.m. at Mona Lucero's, 2544 15th Street in Denver. It was also part of a theater performance in Denver.

Using the (not yet released) schemer components, she was able to create a Tutu with flashing lights. To change the flashing patterns, just point the Tutu to the schemer interface, select your choices and press "send". Easy peasy.

You can mix sensors, different light colors, accelerometers, buzzers, etc. on the same pair of wires. It's so easy because every board has a tiny microcontroller that gives it a "bus address" and some smarts. That way you can hook everything up using the same two wires. We'll release this system early 2010. (^_-)

Totoro iPod remote control

December 18, 2009
Tags: projects, remote control, conductive yarn, magic dock

Marianne made a Totoro iPod remote control for her sister. Press his belly to change tracks and volume. Such a really cute and functional Christmas present, I think her sister will love it. Check out the project page over at crafters.org

Thanks for the pics Marianne!

Temperature-sensing Coffee/Tea Sleeve

December 15, 2009
Tags: projects, learning sensor, temperature, others

Check out this temperature-sensing coffee/tea sleeve by Angela Sheehan over at Soft Circuit Saturdays.

Using a learning sensor, she was able to whip up an interactive sleeve with LEDs to indicate a drink's temperature. Because it's a sleeve, you can slide it on pretty much any cup of your choice. I also love how the LEDs are incorporated into the penguin's eyes.

A wonderful example of how you can make small and practical everyday stuff with learning sensors.

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