Totoro iPod remote control

December 18, 2009
Tags: projects, remote control, conductive yarn, magic dock

Marianne made a Totoro iPod remote control for her sister. Press his belly to change tracks and volume. Such a really cute and functional Christmas present, I think her sister will love it. Check out the project page over at

Thanks for the pics Marianne!

Temperature-sensing Coffee/Tea Sleeve

December 15, 2009
Tags: projects, learning sensor, temperature, others

Check out this temperature-sensing coffee/tea sleeve by Angela Sheehan over at Soft Circuit Saturdays.

Using a learning sensor, she was able to whip up an interactive sleeve with LEDs to indicate a drink's temperature. Because it's a sleeve, you can slide it on pretty much any cup of your choice. I also love how the LEDs are incorporated into the penguin's eyes.

A wonderful example of how you can make small and practical everyday stuff with learning sensors.

Soft 3V battery holder

December 15, 2009
Tags: battery holder, felt, DIY

Hate to use a plastic battery holder on your wonderful, soft and cuddly project? Then you'll this tutorial!

It shows how to make your own cute battery holder from felt and conductive fabrics.

You can design your own and we'll laser cut all the pieces and mail them to you! How nifty is that?

Going into hibernation

December 1, 2009
Tags: store, december hibernation

The Aniomagic Store goes into hibernation during December.

We've had a stellar 2009, thanks to you,
but now we need time to recuperate, work on personal projects, complete theses, finish exams, etc.
We also want to enjoy the holidays too.

That said, we'll be moving to a bigger space during the break, getting ready to start 2010 with a bang.

Mata neh! See you in January (^_^)v

(the picture is from the *great* book, Amineko no seikatsu.)

New stuff - Beginner sewing kit

November 29, 2009
Tags: sewing kit, conductive thread, battery-switch beginner, starting, sequin

As promised, here's the new beginner's sewing kit. Very basic, and perfect for the absolute beginner to e-textiles. It contains one sequin, thread, and the new battery-switch. The battery is non-removable, but should last a year under average usage scenarios (since the led is on a tiny fraction of time).

I'm especially proud of the new packaging (about 1/4 the paper as the original kit envelopes.) Kudos to Ali for the "septalope" design. You can see which kit color you have through the hole in the back. At 5 bucks, this is our most "craft-store-friendly" product, so we'll be knocking on doors soon.


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