Sparkle is an awesome programmable etextiles kit!

We love it because it's tasteful, beautiful, programmable, and tiny.

You don't have to install anything to get it to work. Simply connect a battery, and it starts to twinkle.

Program it with many different light patterns from a computer or smartphone, using a graphical Web interface.

Connect it to switches and explore elegantly programming your enhanced craft to twinkle when you touch, move, or sing.

The kits have all the pieces (except battery) already connected on a single board so you can start experimenting right away.

When you've got your program working the way you want, cut the pieces out and sew unto something fabulous!


With the Sparkle Touch Kit, you can have Sparkle normally display one flashing pattern, and then temporarily change to a different pattern when you press the switch.
Sparkle Touch Kit (Diamond)
$19.95  (3)
Sparkle Touch Kit (Sapphire)
$19.95  (38)
Sparkle Touch Kit (Amethyst)
$19.95  (2)


With the Sparkle Motion Kit, you can have Sparkle normally turn off all lights, and then twinkle when you turn it upside down.

This is a simple tilt switch, not an accelerometer, so (unlike Chiclet) Sparkle can only detect if something is upside down, not how much it's tilted or how fast it's moving.

Sparkle Motion Kit (Diamond)
$19.95  (113)
Sparkle Motion Kit (Sapphire)
$19.95  (31)
Sparkle Motion Kit (Amethyst)
$19.95  (4)


Add more lights, total of 20 per Sparkle, in any color combination.
Amethyst lights on Sparkle and LEDs are half as bright as the others, but are a wonderful purple.

LEDs - Diamond (4pcs)
$3.45  (318)
LEDs - Sapphire (4pcs)
$3.45  (58)
LEDs - Amethyst (4pcs)
$3.95  (9)

Conductive thread (10 yards)
$2.95  (411)
Medium Battery (CR2016)
$1.95  (79)
Large Battery (CR2032)
$1.95  (778)
10 yards, 2ply, 20 ohms/foot this is the default
for sparkle kits
use the large battery
if you have 20 lights
Conductive fabric
$1.95  (46)
Battery holder (dots)
$0.45  (551)
Battery Holder (Plastic CR2032)
$1.50  (56)
3-inch square, 1 ohm/square
create your own soft switch
thin adhesive sheets that
stick to your project
not washable
use with large battery
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